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● Feb 7 - Coffee with Dena

● Feb 8 - Habit 4 Parent Training 8:30am & 6:30pm

● Feb 13 - SCOPE Mgt 2:45pm Rm 26

● Feb 14  -Coffee with Dena                                              -PFA Meeting 3pm

● Feb 17 - No School

● Feb 20 - No School

● Feb 23 - Math Night

● Feb 28 - Coffee with Dena

● Feb 29 - Leap Year

 Barnes and Noble Nights

The summertime’s “Jammy Nights,” in which the younger students hear stories read to them as a group by teachers and guests, have now evolved into “Barnes & Noble Read Aloud Nights”—featuring our upper grade OCLM student's reading to our younger ones! Many of the students in Ms. Heather’s 4-5 class have written their own stories that they cannot wait to read to our younger students.

Join us one Friday evening each month for these “Barnes & Noble Read Aloud Nights” and see what magic happens as we watch our older students share their creative stories with our younger ones! It’s what we treasure most at OCLM—the mentoring of students across the grades.

The first “Barnes & Noble Read Aloud Night” will be on February 10th at 6pm, at the Barnes and Noble located in the Westlake Village Promenade, in Westlake Village. Several students from Ms. Heather’s class will be reading stories they created just for this night—so come on out, bring the little ones and see how our “Jammy Nights” have taken on a whole new dimension for our OCLM school year!

For more information/questions/any suggestions, please contact Paula Migliaccio at pmigliaccio@roadrunner.com, or 805-498-6054.

All 1st graders please return permission slips as soon as possible.

Westlake High School Field Trip

On February 13th, all 1st graders will be attending a play at Westlake High School. They will be watching a theater performance by the Westlake High students. Permission slips will be in today’s homework packet. Please sign and return them as soon as possible. Each class is allotted one parent volunteer for the field trip. If you are interested in volunteering for the field trip, please contact your child’s teacher.

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