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Newsletter 4-5

4-5 Newsletter

Newsletter 4-5

   Important Dates:

Feb    2 - Restaurant Night/Jersey Mike’s

Feb    3 - OCLM Parent Tour

Feb    7 - Coffee with Dena 8:20am

Feb    8 - Habit #4 Parent Training, 8:30am and

Feb 10 - OCLM Parent Tour

Feb 13 - SCOPE Meeting 2:45pm

Feb 14 - Coffee with Dena 8:20am
                 - OCLM Parent Tour
                 - PFA Meeting 3pm

Feb 17 - NO SCHOOL

Feb 20 - NO SCHOOL

Feb 21 - Coffee with Dena 8:20am

Feb 23 - OCLM Parent Tour

Feb 28 - Coffee with Dena 8:20am

Feb 29 - LEAP YEAR!!!

Mar 1  - Restaurant Night/Jersey Mike’s

Mar 2   - OCLM Parent Tour

Mar 6   - Coffee with Dena 8:20am

Mar 7   - Habit #5 Parent Training, 8:30am and

Teacher News

Teacher News

What 4-5 is working on now.

Upcoming Field Trips!!!

There are three upcoming fieldtrips:  (1) Grammy Museum, February 24, (2) California Science Center, March 16, (3) UCSB, TBD in March.  Information will be sent home in the Wednesday folder.

Students are currently working in literature circles.  They were given the opportunity to select a book and work in a collaborative group.  Students had to “Begin with the End in Mind” and make a plan as to how they will work through the text.  With teacher support, students will be looking at the text through various jobs.  Please discuss with your student what they are reading.  Reinforce comprehension by asking engaging questions regarding the book.

Starting this Friday, we are honored to have “Dancing with our Local Schools” Ballroom Dance Program, which is designed to teach children about character values, respect for one another, confidence building and, of course, all while learning the art of ballroom dancing.   This is going to be a fun experience and hopefully they will be able to teach you a few moves!

Still looking for volunteers for...  (continued on next page)

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