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Newsletter 2-3

2-3 Newsletter

Newsletter 2-3

   Important Dates:

Jan 25 - 2-3 Field Trip to Civic Arts Plaza
Jan 25 - Book Orders due in Ms. Wendy’s
Jan 25 - 2/3 Field Trip
Jan 30 - Info Night for Prospective (to OCLM)
                   Parents, 6pm
Jan 31 - Coffee with Dena  8:20am
Feb    2 - Jersey Mike’s Restaurant Night
Feb    3 - 100th Day of School!
Feb    3 - Tour of OCLM for prospective families
Feb    7 - Coffee with Dena  8:20am

Teacher News

Teacher News

What 2-3 is working on now.

Balance and Motion

Our “Balance and Motion” science unit continues this week as we learn about “sounds all around us.”  First, we are going to experiment and learn about how sound travels through solid objects.  We will be tying in “volume” and “pitch” as we do a series of hands on experiments and projects.  Many of these will involve “strings in motion,” which brings back our memories from our Fall Fest, where we got to experiment using different stringed instruments such as the bass and the violin.  When we use long strings vs. short strings, does it change the sound?  We will also be exploring “volume” and “pitch” when we fill up cups of water and see what sounds we get based upon how much water is in the cups.  It will be lots of hands on learning and interesting conclusions.

The books our children have liked to read and bring to school have sometimes had cartoons in them or comic strips.  The teachers have taken this interest in “cartoons” to the writing level, and the students are now creating their own cartoon strips.  As they create, they are learning to predict outcomes by making sure to focus on beginning, middle and end of story lines.  This kind of writing involves creating dialogue and attention to details while staying in the storyline.  We are having fun!


The 2/3 has a field trip to the Civic Arts Plaza scheduled for TOMORROW, Jan. 25, from 10:30am-12:30pm.  PLEASE RETURN YOUR PERMISSION SLIPS if you haven’t done so already, thank you!!!

Also, the 2nd graders will be going to Westlake High School to see a musical performance on Wednesday, February 8.  PLEASE MAKE SURE TO RETURN PERMISSION SLIPS FOR THIS TRIP AS WELL.  Thank you!!!

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