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Newsletter K-1

K-1 Newsletter

Newsletter K-1

Important Dates:

Dec. 1  — Jersey Mike’s Restaurant Nt
Dec. 1  — SCOPE Rummage Sale (OCLM/Conejo Presale shop day!)
Dec. 2  — SCOPE Rummage Sale 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Dec. 6  — Coffee with Dena  8:20am

Dec. 7  — Restaurant Nt Chuck E.Cheese
Dec. 9  — 1st Trimester Report Cards

Dec. 11 — Alfie Kohn Book Club Discussion
Dec. 12 — Winter Craft Fair
Dec. 13 — Winter Craft Fair
Dec. 12 — SCOPE meeting 3pm
Dec. 12 — Habit #2 Parent Training 8:30am AND 6:30pm
Dec. 13 Coffee with Dena  8:20am
● Dec. 13 — PFA meeting 3pm
● Dec. 14 — Winter Chorus & Band Performance 6:30pm MPR
● Dec. 19-Jan. 2
● Jan. 10 — Alfie Kohn Speaks





Ms. Shoshana’s class will be working on the following:

      Math:  K's will be focusing on probability, weighing with the pan balance, finding equal weights, addition and subtraction, and graphing.

      Social Studies:  They will be finishing up Habit 1: Being Proactive.  They will continue to look for students modeling proactive behavior.  They will also be focusing on the holidays, Christmas and Hanukkah.

      Science:  This month they will be learning about weather and the season of winter.

Ms. Megan’s class news and what we will be working on:

      They will be culminating their air and weather unit in December and will begin investigating winter and their wishes for the world throughout the next 3 weeks.

      First grade math will be working on fact power (the concept of knowing our math facts quickly) investigating more complex word problems, and place value!  Kindergartners will be focusing on probability, weight, addition and subtraction, and graphing

      In Reading we will be focusing on story structure. First Graders will also be exploring story structure during writing as well.

      In December Miss Megan’s class will also be focusing on Habit 2: Begin With The End In Mind. Children are encouraged to set goals and develop a plan based on established priorities and values. Miss Megan has included with this week's homework a planning sheet. Please feel free to have your child use this sheet to make a plan on how they would like to get their homework done throughout the week. This is a great way to begin a goal setting regime, by allowing them to make a plan and set a goal of what homework they will get

Teacher News

Teacher News

What K-1 is working on now.

A BIG welcome back from our Thanksgiving break.  We hope everyone had a delicious, happy, fun and restful five days.  Thank you to all the parents for donating to our Friendship Feast.  It was delicious, even better than last year.  It was so fun to eat the muffins, butter and cranberry sauce that we all helped prepare.

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