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Newsletter K-1

K-1 Newsletter

Newsletter K-1

Important Dates:

November 8 - PFA meeting 3pm
November 9 - Habit #1 Parent Training 8:30am AND 6:30pm
November 11 - NO SCHOOL (Veteran’s Day)
November 14 - SCOPE meeting 6:00pm
November 18 - OCLM Fall Festival
Nov. 23-25 - NO SCHOOL (Thanksgiving Holiday)
December 1 - Jersey Mike’s Restaurant Night-all day!
pan balance, practicing dominos, and beginning story problems.

First grade math is beginning measurement, using a ruler, and learning how to measure using centimeters and inches. They are also continuing to practice counting money. Continue having your child count your loose change at home.

First graders are also working hard on developing their writing skills in class. Miss Megan’s class has begun using a T-note to help organize their writing and will be exploring the writing process in the next couple of weeks.

Miss Megan’s class will be sending out book order forms this week. You can order through class or online. If you need help or have any questions please let Miss Megan know.

Teacher News

Teacher News

What K-1 is working on now.
Ms. Shoshana’s and Miss Megan’s classes are beginning to work on Native Americans, Pilgrims, the Mayflower, Thanksgiving, and learning how to give thanks.

They are also continuing their science unit on Air and Weather and incorporating it into Habit 1, being proactive, and creating their “own” weather. Miss Megan’s class will be reviewing the different types of clouds and creating their own clouds in class.

Kindergarten math is reviewing numeral recognition and correspondence through 12, beginning pan balancing and measurements on the

Newsletter K-1

Fun Fair!!

The Fun Fair was a HUGE success and Ms. Shoshana and Miss Megan want to thank all the parent volunteers and students who participated. We had amazing support and it made for a great day! Thank you to all those who attended and helped us achieve our school goal!!


First grade math is in need of egg cartons (dozen sized ones) and empty paper towel rolls. There will be a box in class designated for these items and any donations are greatly appreciated!
Ms. Jennifer 805-495-7058 x218    jjackson@conejo.k12.ca.us         Ms. Wendy 805-495-7058 x224    wdubois@conejo.k12.ca.us
For corrections, contacts or more information re: this newsletter, contact Paula Migliaccio -- pmluvspooh@aol.com/805-498-6054
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