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Important Dates

Sept. 19  —  SCOPE 2:45pm Rm 26
Sept. 23  —  Dinner and Movie Night
Sept. 29  —  NO SCHOOL
Oct. 4      —  Coffee with Dena 8:20am
Oct. 6      —  Jersey Mike’s Rest. Nt.

Teacher News

What K-1 is working on now:

Fall Theme!

Miss Megan and Ms. Shoshana are starting their Fall Theme curriculum this week. You will notice in class different activities reflecting fall. Flowers were planted last week in the garden and vegetable seeds will be planted this week. Students will watch them grow through the fall.


Decodable books will be sent home this week. These books are to stay at home and do not need to be returned. They have been practiced in class and reading them should be easy for your child. They will go home Mondays with the homework bags.


Also being taught this week is Habit 2, “Begin with the end in mind.”

Specialists Start This Week!

Specialists begin this week! The schedules are as follows:

Miss Megan’s class
·  Monday – Music
·  Tuesday – Library
·  Wednesday – Computers
·  Thursday – P. E.
·  Thursday – Art

Ms. Shoshana’s class
·  Monday – Library
·  Tuesday – Music
·  Thursday – Computers
·  Friday – P.E.
· Art is still pending

Please send your child to school in tennis shoes on P.E. days and your child’s library books back to school either on Monday in their Homework bags or Friday in their backpack. There will be a library book box in the class for your child to drop their books in.

Supplies Needed

• White Cardstock
• Empty Clear Water Bottles

Ms. Shoshana And Miss Megan are trying to reduce copies and make items on cardstock that can be laminated and reused. Any donations of cardstock would be greatly appreciated.

Clear, clean, see through water bottles are needed for up coming science projects in the classes. Please send in your empty bottles!!


Please return your child’s red Thursday folders on Friday along with any forms that need to be turned in.

Parent- Teacher conference forms need to be returned as soon as possible, so teachers can begin scheduling conferences. Confirmation letters of scheduled times should be going home soon.

There is still time to sign up for Wednesday after school clubs. If you need a form, they are available in the office.

Sky High Dance begins this Wednesday. There is still time to sign up. Forms are available in the office.

This is the last week for fundraisers. Keep on selling and don’t forget to bring your child’s green coupons on Tuesday and Thursday to pick up their Ducky keychains!! Return all order forms and money on Friday September 23, 2011.

Don’t forget the SCOPE/PFA movie night featuring Rio and a live bird show this Friday night!

Parent Volunteers

Ms. Shoshana and Miss Megan need and would like volunteers for the following times


Miss Megan
• Tuesday’s @ 12:30 for Library

Ms. Shoshana
• Monday @ 12:30 for Library
• Art – pending

If you feel you have time available to volunteer on these days, please let your teacher know.

Thank you!

Ms. Shoshana and Miss Megan appreciate all the classroom volunteers! Your help and time is always welcome at any time, even if it is not on your scheduled date and time.

SCHOOL STARTS 8:10am  late bell is 8:15am.  When your child arrives late, it interrupts and impacts the learning environment for the whole class, making extra work for the teachers who need to log in tardy slips.  Everyone is late sometimes, but let’s try to set a good example for our children by showing them that starting the school day on time helps everyone have a great day together!


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