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Important Dates

Oct. 4    — Coffee with Dena 8:20am
Oct. 6    — Jersey Mike’s Rest. Nt.
Oct. 6    — Class Meetings @ 2:45pm
Oct. 10-14  — Minimum Days – Parent Teacher Conferences

Oct. 12  — Intro to 7 Habits Parent Training 8:30am and 6:30pm

Fall Theme

Teacher News

Seasons, air, and weather are the science feature for the next several weeks. The students will be learning about what air is and what it does. Also, the four seasons that will include leaf activities for the fall.

Kindergarten math is still focused on Geometry; shapes and exploring the shapes in our world. First grade math is investigating money and learning how to add and subtract money.

Parent conferences are next week and forms are in your child’s homework bag with your scheduled time.

Class Meeting October 6th

Mark you calendar to join Ms. Megan and Ms. Shoshana for a class meeting afterschool at 2:45pm on Thursday, October 6th.  We thought it would be a great opportunity to come together to ask and answer questions, make connections, learn more about center time, and discuss how the year is coming along so far now that we are in the 6th week of school. It is our hope that everyone can make it because each one of us has something to add!

Field Trip!

Miss Megan’s and Ms. Shoshana’s class will be heading to Underwood Farms on October 19. Drivers are needed and parents are welcome to attend. If you would like to HELP and drive other students from class we would LOVE to have you. Drivers need a $100/$300k policy (full coverage) in order to transport students and need to fill out a form in the office. You are able to purchase a full coverage policy for a day through your insurance company as well, if you want to help drive but do not have required policy. Please ask your teacher for more details and a notice will be sent home soon with more information.

Parent Volunteers

Parent volunteers: Recently there has been requests to our parent liaisons to find subs for their scheduled shifts. It is your responsibility to find a sub for your scheduled time in class. We understand that things come up and at times you may not be able to find coverage, however please make an effort to try to find a sub, whether it is an email or phone calls. If you are having trouble please let your teachers know ahead of time. It makes it much easier for them to rearrange class room activities if they know in advance that you or a sub will not be able to make your scheduled time. It is GREATLY appreciated.

Your Opinion Matters!

We want to hear from YOU! We would like to hear what you, as a parent, would like to see and read about in your class newsletter.

Would you prefer more detailed curriculum notes? A dedicated page just on the topics being taught weekly or monthly? Do you prefer to receive the newsletter weekly, or would you prefer bi-weekly? Is it great that way it is now?

We want to make sure that you read the newsletter and not miss any important information. We also want to be able to include what you as parents want as well, but still be able to keep it 2 pages.

This topic will be discussed at the class meetings, however on the right is a brief survey. We would love to hear from you. Please fill out the survey and return it to class. Check the areas that you would like the most or leave your ideas in the comment section!

 Newsletter Survey

___ More detailed curriculum information

___ Important information only

___ Individual teacher pages/newsletter

___ Weekly

___ Bi-Weekly

___ Prefer the way it is currently

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