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PFA and SCOPE— What’s the Difference?


What’s the difference between PFA and SCOPE?  And which one should I support?  The oversimplified answer is that the PFA is the booster club for Conejo Elementary, while SCOPE is the booster club for the Open Classroom Leadership Magnet (OCLM) program.  So, we are the OCLM parents and we should just care about SCOPE only, right?  Not so…

First of all, let’s define each organization.  PFA stands for Parent Faculty Association and SCOPE stands for Supporters of Conejo Open Classroom Program Endeavors.  What does each individual organization do?  Well, both help coordinate fundraising projects and special programs and activities.  The PFA is responsible for raising money to support our school-wide assemblies, Art Program, Music Program and other fun activities such as the school-wide Jog-A-Thon and the Staff Appreciation Lunch.  SCOPE is responsible for fundraising and organizing the Open Classroom Leadership Magnet events such as the Fall Festival and the Stepping Up Ceremony.  The money SCOPE raises is also used to help fund extras for the Open Classroom, such as extra supplies for the teachers.

While OCLM is indeed its own “entity,” being a separate magnet school, it is housed within the Conejo Elementary school and is thus a part of that campus.  As in, ALL children from Conejo Elementary, which includes all OCLM children, benefit from Art, Music, and other specialists, which PFA helps provide.  ALL children from Conejo Elementary and OCLM participate in the school-wide events such as special assemblies and Jog-A-Thon.  As Open Classroom Leadership Magnet, we have the unique privilege of being a separate program within one united school—Conejo Elementary! 

Therefore, I think you will agree, it’s important for us to support BOTH the PFA (Conejo Elementary’s program and fundraising organization) AND SCOPE (OCLM’s program and fundraising organization).  For those of you who were at the OCLM picnic at the beginning of the year, you will remember being asked to donate $ to and support both organizations—they are listed side by side on SCOPE’s sign-up form.  These two organizations work together to help make our children’s school experiences the best they can be. 

If you have not already done so, please support both organizations, with a monetary donation and/or with your volunteer time and effort.  PFA and SCOPE are always willing to welcome new members.  PFA’s meetings are generally the second Tuesday of the month, SCOPE’s meetings are generally the third Monday of the month.  Reminders are sent out via email, the newsletters, and also are located on the OCLM Dates sheet, and the blue school news calendars we receive home every Thursday.  If you have any questions, you can contact PFA’s president, Hugo Garcia, at yosoqar@verizon.net.  For questions about SCOPE, you can contact SCOPE’s President, Robyn Schwartz at 805-241-5381, or rjs828@gmail.com.


SCOPE / PFA Meeting Minutes

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SCOPE / PFA Meeting Minutes
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SCOPE meeting September 19, 2011