About Us - Our Campus

OCLM is located on the same campus as Conejo Elementary School. Both are CVUSD
schools following CVUSD standards. Both build upon our foundational Leader In Me program,
which teaches students how to become more self aware through learning the 7 Habits of
Happy Kids. All of our students share the same recesses and lunches by grade level. 
Students play together and develop friendships based on common likes such as playground
games and reading together in the library. Students participate together in after school
enrichment programs such as chorus, dance, band and lego engineering classes. While
many campus activities are shared, OCLM students have events unique to the magnet
school that occur both on and off campus that enhance our magnet school community. 
This design has been successful on our campus since 1993 and provides all of our students
with a diverse, meaningful learning environment.

Parent Resource Center (PRC) - This year we have created a designated space for families,
teachers and staff can congregate in order to plan, prepare and meet. Through the help of a
grant from Lowe's as well as hours of parent volunteering we have created a space where we
can congregate for both formal and informal purposes. Each week we have coffee with the
principal in the PRC where parents can engage with the principal in conversations about our
school, parenting and their students as well as education in general. Parent committees meet
in the PRC on a regular basis. These meetings are facilitated by a children's area in the PRC
that contains toys and games for all ages of children to engage in while parents are meeting.
The room stores supplies for special events including our Friday popcorn fun and our magnet
school events.